Details & Info

We love working with nonprofits (and offer a generous discount on all projects for them, to show our appreciation for the great work they do).

Friends of Family Farmers has its own portfotlio entry because its been our most consistent nonprofit client, but we’ve worked with many other great nonprofits, primarily building and updating websites.

Blueprint for Rural Policy Action in the States is a website we did for our client State Innovation Exchange’s new report on how state legislators can help their rural constituents. We also came up with the logo and designed the long PDF of the report.

Metropolitan Public Defenders is one of the largest public defender offices in Oregon, and do great work providing legal council to those who couldn’t otherwise afford it. We built them a new website to replace their severely outdated one, and continue to update it for them when they need changes.

Springwater Environmental Sciences School is a great public charter school in Oregon City (it’s also where Ink Stained Creative’s oldest kid goes to school.) They also had a woefully outdated website that we updated and maintain.

Journey Wellness is the nonprofit branch of another client of ours, Heron Hill. They offer nature based programs and services to help people thrive. We built this website from scratch and designed their logo.

Oregon City Farmers Market is a great year-round farmers market that was ranked one of the 50 best in the US by Clean Eating magazie. We redid their ancient website and continue to make updates to it frequently.