• Your Story, Told

    Here’s ours: We often get asked about our name, Ink Stained Creative. Like, are you a tattoo parlor? Nope, we’re a branding and marketing agency that likes to get our hands dirty...
    What's Your Story?
  • Actually, we don’t get stained nearly enough. Most of our work is on the computer, telling our clients’ stories where most stories are told today - in the digital world...
    What's Your Story
  • Our name is a reminder that we need to get away from screens and live in the real world every day. Meet face to face, shake hands. Screenprint a shirt, handwrite a font, sketch a logo...
    What's Your Story?
  • Because all stories begin and end with people. So all stories need to have a human, organic element; every story, be it a logo, a website or an ad, needs to be a little ink stained.
    What's Your Story?