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    Here’s ours: We often get asked about our name, Ink Stained Creative. Like, are you a tattoo parlor? Nope, we’re a branding and marketing agency that likes to get our hands dirty...
    What's Your Story?
  • Actually, we don’t get stained nearly enough. Most of our work is on the computer, telling our clients’ stories where most stories are told today - in the digital world...
    What's Your Story
  • Our name is a reminder that we need to get away from screens and live in the real world every day. Meet face to face, shake hands. Screenprint a shirt, handwrite a font, sketch a logo...
    What's Your Story?
  • Because all stories begin and end with people. So all stories need to have a human, organic element; every story, be it a logo, a website or an ad, needs to be a little ink stained.
    What's Your Story?

Portland Branding, Advertising and Web Design

Hi. We're Ink Stained Creative, a small team of Portland, Oregon area creatives that love to work with nonprofits and businesses to help them grow. Our favorite part is branding a new business or product, starting with the name, moving to a logo and visual identity, and then building out websites, business cards, t-shirts, videos and anything else you might need to develop your brand. Then, to help grow it, we do advertising and marketing, both print and digital. For this, we often bring in one of our talented team of subcontractors for things outside our core competencies (like video, PPC and SEO). We're branding, advertising and web design experts.

We've been doing this in some form or other for decades, and for coming on twelve years as Ink Stained Creative. We have extensive experience in web design and development, graphic design, coding, advertising, copywriting and more, and a team of subcontractors that can do everything else. We've worked with everyone from a farmer's market to a ATV rental agency, a staffing company to a massage therapist, a cannabis dispensary to a public defenders agency. We do most of our work for clients in the Portland metro region, but we've worked with organizations all over Oregon, from the coast to the desert, as well as throughout the west coast and a few farther afield - wherever you are, we'd be happy to work with you.

There are certainly bigger Portland branding, advertising and marketing companies out there, with Nike gigs in their portfolio and fancy offices downtown. If that's who you want to work with, some of them do amazing work. However, if you want a closer connection with the people doing the work, and a smaller invoice at the end, consider Ink Stained Creative for your creative needs.

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