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Nonprofit Branding and Creative Services

Our Nonprofit Branding and Other Creative Services

We love to help those who are helping others – nonprofits are always our favorite people to work for. To prove it, we offer at least a 15% discount to every nonprofit we work with, and an even bigger discount for smaller nonprofits and ones who’s work we feel is especially important and inline with our values. We’ve worked with many nonprofits, creating logos, websites, business cards, advertising and more. Nonprofit branding is a speciality of ours, coming up with names, logos, style guides, and visual identities for organizations doing great work in the word. All our services, from SEO to print ads to websites to email marketing can benefit your nonprofit.

We’re based in Oregon City, so most of our nonprofit branding clients are from Portland metro and the surrounding areas, but we’ve worked with organizations in Bend and Salem, as well, and are interested in working with nonprofits anywhere in Oregon, the Pacific Northwest or the rest of the country and world for that matter. We’ve stumbled into somewhat of a specialty of working for agriculture related nonprofits, but love to work with organizations focused on the environment, hunger, education, the arts, housing and so much more. As long as you’re doing great work, we want to help.

Logos and related icons we designed for Kor Community Land Trust, in various brand colors
Homepage screenshot of the website we designed and built for Metropolitan Public Defender
Advertising postcards Ink Stained Creative designed and wrote for the nonprofit People's Ink

Some of the great nonprofits we’ve worked with are:

  • Friends of Family Farmers – we built Oregon Farm Link, a website that connects farmers with available farmland, created the logo for it, and have supported the organization’s main website.
  • Metropolitan Public Defender – we built a new website for the largest public defense firm in Oregon
  • Kor Land Trust (now Rooted Homes) – we created a logo and website for this affordable housing land trust in Bend, Oregon
  • Oregon City Farmers Market – we built a website and have provided technical support for this great farmer’s market.
  • Journey Wellness – we created the website for this eco-therapy focused nonprofit
  • People’s Ink (now People’s Colloquium) – we created the website and logo for this nonprofit that offered free writing and philosophy workshops

Need branding, a website, or other creative work done for you nonprofit?