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Oregon City Branding and Identity

Our Branding and Identity Services

Our speciality is branding businesses and nonprofits. Creating a business’s identity is the core of telling its story to the world. A business’ identity is the key to how it is perceived by and interacts with its customers; it’s the base of who you are and what you do. Whether you have a new business, nonprofit or product you want branded, or need to rebrand to make things fresh and closer to your current vision, we’re your Oregon City branding experts.

Our branding work can entail coming up with a business or product name, a logo with variations, a tagline, brand colors and fonts, a brand style guide to keep everything consistent, as well as identity materials like business cards, letterhead, and of course a website. We start by diving in deep to find out about your business – what you do, how you want to be perceived, and then we go through several rounds of exploration and changes until we have the perfect brand for your business or nonprofit.

Need branding work?

A black and white grid of various logos we have designed for many of our clients
Logo we designed for Nature Therapy Link
Greenfront logos and icons we designed, in different brand color combinations

Our Branding Team

Our core branding team members are Dave Garlock, who develops business and product names, writes taglines, and comes up with logo concepts, and Elin McLain, who creates logos, brand style guides, and identify materials. We also use other graphic designers in our subcontractor network for certain branding projects, as well as illustrators and copywriters as needed.

Branding Process

Branding your business or nonprofit starts with learning everything about who you are or what you want to be, including your customers, your competitors, your industry, and more. Then we start developing name possibilities, if you don’t already have one – this entails a deep dive into various name types, generating hundreds of possibilities, and research into available trademarks and domains. Then we begin sketching out logo possibilities – these always begin in ink and pencil before moving into the digital world. When we have a wide variety of concepts that could work, fine turning them and diving into colors is done by our graphic designers. With both names and logos, we will provide a range of choices for the client to look over, and rounds of changes to get to the perfect end product.