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Oregon Psilocybin Therapy Branding, Marketing and Advertising

Hi, we’re Ink Stained Creative – a branding, advertising and marketing firm based in the Portland, Oregon metro region. We love working with a wide range of clients, but our favorites are those who help people. And we’re big believers in Oregon’s Psilocybin Services program, created by Measure 109, that launched in 2023 – we truly believe that it will change many lives for the better, and also be the launching point for a wide variety of successful businesses. We’re not therapists, but we can help by doing psychedelic / psilocybin therapy branding for your clinic, program, grow center, facilitator training program, retreat, or practice. This could include generating a name for your business, developing a logo and brand style guide, finding the perfect domain name, building a website, and helping with the design of your space. We could also help with marketing and advertising within whatever frameworks are developed and allowed (psilocybin products themselves are not going to be allowed to be branded or marketed, at least at the beginning).

We’re confident that psychedelic and psilocybin therapy will be used treat a wide range of issues – there’s scientific evidence that they can help with depression, PTSD, addiction, terminal illness processing, and eating disorders, and it’s likely the potential benefits are much wider. People will also use Oregon’s psilocybin therapy services for spiritual and mystic experiences, self improvement, wellbeing and simply recreation. Different businesses will form to target these different markets, and each will need branding work to stand out from the crowd.

Why us? We haven’t done any psilocybin therapy branding, but neither has anyone else, really (unless they’re from the Netherlands). We have worked on websites and branding for closely related businesses: a marijuana dispensaryan eco-therapy center and related nonprofit, as well as many other nonprofits and businesses in diverse fields. We pride ourselves in being able to work in any market, and psilocybin therapy is one that we’d love to be involved with.

Interested in working with us?

Dried psiloyibin mushrooms on a yellow background, of the kind used in Oregon's psilocybin program
Two hands holding dried psilocybin mushrooms
Psilocybin mushrooms growing indoors with a pastel background
A cabin in the Oregon woods that could be home to a psilocybin retreat
Psilocybin mushrooms grown in a lab for Oregon's Psilocybin therapy program, picked by gloved hands

Psilocybin Businesses We Could Help with Branding

  • Retreats – we believe high end psychedelic retreats set in the incredible variety of naturally beautiful locations Oregon offers are going to be very successful, catering to locals and out of state tourists alike. Oregon being the first to offer these services is definitely going to lead to psilocybin tourism, and retreats like this will attract much of that business, offering a vacation along with your psychedelic experience. Psilocybin retreats will need a strong brand and web presence, selective advertising as allowed, as well as strong SEO to attract these customers.
  • Clinics – there will be a large variety of clinics, mostly, we suspect, within towns and cities. These could be all inside spaces, or include a garden or courtyard. They could be focused on particular medical issues that psilocybin helps with (such as depression, PTSD, addiction and much more), on spiritual experiences, or have more of a general focus. There will likely be competition amongst these businesses, especially in the Portland metro region where the most will form to be near the biggest population center. Branding, web presence and SEO will be important here, as well as advertising in whatever form is allowed.
  • Facilitator Training Centers – it seems likely that private businesses will offer facilitator trainings, not the state. As these will be extensive trainings, and every facilitator that offers psilocybin therapy will need to take one, it could be big business. There probably won’t be as much competition here, but a strong brand, website and SEO will help potential facilitators find you.

Psychedelic / Psilocybin Domain Names

We can help you find some great psilocybin domain names for your psilocybin business, including the ones below that we own and are for sale. Or, if you choose to work with us as a psilocybin therapy branding partner, we can give you the domains you want at cost.

See our psilocybin and psychedelic domain names

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